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Tungstic Acid

Tungstic Acid

H2WO4 (WO3*H2O)

Tungstic Acid Products

Tungstic acid plays a vital role in the overall tungsten production process, serving as an intermediate compound that facilitates the conversion of Tungsten ores or secondary materials into various Tungsten products and alloys. It is an essential chemical component in industries such as aerospace, electronics, mining, and metallurgy, where Tungsten’s unique properties are utilized for a wide range of applications.

Tungstic Acid

Tungstic Acid / Associated Industry

Ceramics And Pigments

In the world of ceramics and pigments, innovation meets quality through essential metals. Cobalt is known for its brilliant blue hue, Nickel imparts stability and strength, and Copper adds a spectrum of colors with its versatility. Minor metals act as crucial catalysts for performance and sustainability. In the production of enamels, they provide exceptional durability and visual appeal.


Nickel, Cobalt, and other minor metals are vital in the plating industry. Our high-quality specialty chemicals play a pivotal role in electroplating and electroless plating processes. Nickel’s exceptional surface finishing, corrosion resistance, and durability enhancement, make it ideal for electroplating applications. Cobalt excels in electroless plating, where it enables seamless, uniform coatings.

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