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Ammonium Para Tungstate (APT)

Ammonium Para Tungstate (APT)


Ammonium Para Tungstate (APT) Products

Ammonium paratungstate is a crucial intermediate in the tungsten production process and plays a significant role in meeting the demand for tungsten in various industries. Its availability and utilization contribute to the production of essential materials used in applications ranging from aerospace and electronics to mining and manufacturing. The primary use of ammonium paratungstate is as a feedstock in the production of tungsten metal and tungsten compounds. It is also used in the manufacture of tungsten carbide, a hard and wear-resistant material used in cutting tools and industrial machinery.

Ammonium Para Tungstate (APT)

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Cobalt, Nickel, Molybdenum and Tungsten are cornerstone elements of our cutting-edge catalysts for industrial processes. Cobalt and Nickel’s catalytic properties enhance chemical reaction effeciency, while Molybdenum ensures superior stability and resistance to harsh conditions. Tungsten’s remarkable strength extends the longevity of catalysts and optimizes their performance.

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