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Sodium Selenite Premix 4,5%

Sodium Selenite Premix 4,5%

Na2SeO3 / CaCO3-MgCO3

Sodium Selenite Premix 4,5% Products

Sodium Selenite is used in animal and human nutrition, as well as in pharmaceuticals. It finds applications in agriculture, glass manufacturing for decolorization, and chemical synthesis.

Sodium Selenite Premix 4,5%

Sodium Selenite Premix 4,5% / Associated Industry

Animal Feed

We cater to the ever-evolving needs of the animal nutrition industry. Our product range includes amongst Cobalt and other critical macro minerals, pivotal in energy metabolism and enzymatic functions, respectively.Selenium and Calcium Iodate serve as vital micro minerals, fortifying immunity, and regulating metabolic processes. Get the right balance while maximising nutrition and productivity.


Let our performance products revolutionize your crop productivity. Cobalt bolsters growth and nutrient uptake in leguminous plants. Molybdenum optimizes plant metabolism. Nickel facilitates plant growth and disease resistance. Copper strengthens plant cell walls. Selenium enriches plant antioxidants. EDTA chelates essential micronutrients. Bluestone empowers farmers worldwide to sustainably cultivate healthier, higher-yielding crops.

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