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Nickel Sulphate crystals

Nickel Sulphate crystals


Nickel Sulphate crystals

Nickel sulphate is used in nickel-plating and to produce catalysts for the hydrogenation of greases and for coating in ceramics

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Ceramics And Pigments

In the world of ceramics and pigments, innovation meets quality through essential metals. Cobalt is known for its brilliant blue hue, Nickel imparts stability and strength, and Copper adds a spectrum of colors with its versatility. Minor metals act as crucial catalysts for performance and sustainability. In the production of enamels, they provide exceptional durability and visual appeal.


Let our performance products revolutionize your crop productivity. Cobalt bolsters growth and nutrient uptake in leguminous plants. Molybdenum optimizes plant metabolism. Nickel facilitates plant growth and disease resistance. Copper strengthens plant cell walls. Selenium enriches plant antioxidants. EDTA chelates essential micronutrients. Bluestone empowers farmers worldwide to sustainably cultivate healthier, higher-yielding crops.

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