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Nickel Acetate

Nickel Acetate


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Nickel acetate is an inorganic compound of nickel and acetic acid usually found as a tetrahydrated form. Nickel green tetrahydrate is mainly used in the aluminium anodization industry and as a catalyst in different chemical processes.

Nickel Acetate

Nickel Acetate / Associated Industry


Nickel, Cobalt, and other minor metals are vital in the plating industry. Our high-quality specialty chemicals play a pivotal role in electroplating and electroless plating processes. Nickel’s exceptional surface finishing, corrosion resistance, and durability enhancement, make it ideal for electroplating applications. Cobalt excels in electroless plating, where it enables seamless, uniform coatings.


Let our performance products revolutionize your crop productivity. Cobalt bolsters growth and nutrient uptake in leguminous plants. Molybdenum optimizes plant metabolism. Nickel facilitates plant growth and disease resistance. Copper strengthens plant cell walls. Selenium enriches plant antioxidants. EDTA chelates essential micronutrients. Bluestone empowers farmers worldwide to sustainably cultivate healthier, higher-yielding crops.

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