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Cobalt EDTA (solution)

Cobalt EDTA (solution)


Cobalt EDTA (solution) Products

Cobalt is an essential micronutrient in plant physiology. Due to chelating nature, Cobalt-EDTA offers increased solubility and stability in fertilizer solutions combined with enhanced absorption rate by the plants and its surroundings. EDTA Cobalt is also used in analytical chemistry for metal ion determination and metal sequestering processes.

Cobalt EDTA (solution)

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Let our performance products revolutionize your crop productivity. Cobalt bolsters growth and nutrient uptake in leguminous plants. Molybdenum optimizes plant metabolism. Nickel facilitates plant growth and disease resistance. Copper strengthens plant cell walls. Selenium enriches plant antioxidants. EDTA chelates essential micronutrients. Bluestone empowers farmers worldwide to sustainably cultivate healthier, higher-yielding crops.

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