Industrial Recyclables

Industrial Recyclables

Bluestone’s principles of sustainability go beyond ethically sourced, conflict-free non-ferrous metals. We help companies minimize their environmental impact through recycling practices that bring their specialty chemicals full circle.


Industrial by products from mines and smelters of Non-Ferrous metal industries like Copper, Zinc, Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, Tungsten and Precious Metal Refineries together with Minor metal refineries.

These can be in any of the following forms and sourcing industries

  • From Mining & Metal industry: Residues, Concentrates, Refinery Intermediates, Slags, Matte, Dross, Speiss, Bullions etc.
  • From Other Industries: Spent Catalyst form Refinery, Petrochemicals having Co, Ni, Mo, Precious Metals etc.
  • End of life Products: Electronic PCB scrap (e-waste), Battery scrap (Li, NiCd), Tungsten Carbide (W/Co) Tools and inserts, Spent Auto-Catalyst etc.

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